Thursday, 19 December 2013

Ambitions, ambitions.

Despite nearly killing myself with the workload in the previous term, I have decided, perhaps na├»vely, that I need to accomplish more in my time. Carpe diem, as they say. I want to do more of what I want to do, whilst still accomplishing what I need to do. Resting has re-kindled my love for life, the eagerness to do and see everything! Therefore, it is not only my goal to achieve good grades in the second term, but to accomplish at least one of the following things:

a) Make more of my own clothes
b) Participate in more competitions to gain recognition of my work
c) Get a part-time job

Perhaps it's all the festivities that have surrounded me this glorious time of year that have inspired this decision; maybe I'm already anticipating New Years and the resolutions that it will dictate. Even though these things make me excited and eager to continue onto the next term, I worry that these extra activities will be the straw that breaks the camel's perfectionist back. I suppose that my first resolution should be: set accomplishable resolutions. And then actually complete them.

I also need to be less terrified of applying for jobs. I need to be less terrified, full-stop. How do I expect to get anywhere if I'm not willing to push the boat out?

Sorry about the almost completely unrelated ramblings today. Maybe I should take up journal writing instead so that this blog doesn't become a random stream of my consciousness.

Merry early Christmas!

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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Long Time No Speak...

I have been rather rubbish at posting lately, and I realised yesterday that it is coming up to almost two months since my latest post. During those two months, Project Runway has ended and the third all stars season commenced. I will not be doing catch-up posts, however I would like to explain myself for my absence.

Earlier this year, I embarked on my second year of university. Second course, first year. This term, I have been determined to prove my worth and skills and have therefore been working everyday, almost non-stop on this project. Whilst some may say that my course is easier than womenswear, I disagree. Your course is as easy or as difficult as you make it, it's all relative. If you do the bare minimum, any course can be considered easy; being proactive is the difficult part. Having pushed myself to the extremes this term - two all-nighters in four days - I would think that my course can be just as difficult as womenswear, if not more.

I have learnt so much in terms of portfolio and design development, and have had a huge eye-opener for what it takes to succeed, and do well on a fashion design degree course. A lot of work...that's what.

Anywho, here is a link to my flickr where all my portfolio work from this term is located. Take a look if you'd like to, unfortunately I didn't have time to photograph my 3D outcomes on the mannequin before presenting them on the hangers but I will upload pictures at a later date.


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(>'.'<)  x

p.s. I have decided that this blog will now be more focused on my work, pattern cutting and dressmaking as opposed to Project Runway and fashion week trends. There will, of course, be elements of this still incorporated but they will take the back seat.