Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Project Runway Season 12 EP11 Recap/Review

This episode of Project Runway has been long anticipated, by both the designers and myself! It is the HP fabrics challenge. For those of you who don't follow Project Runway, the HP fabrics challenge entails the designers using an HP suite to create their own unique fabrics. This season there was an added twist to the challenge which involved the designers interviewing a up and coming talent (in business, creative industries, BMX biking, etc) and using them as their inspiration for the project.

The Top 3

The designers in the top three were (clockwise from left): Bradon McDonaldDom Streater, and Helen Castillo. My personal favourite designs in the top three belonged to Bradon and Dom. Bradon's muse was a professional BMX bike rider who provided his inspiration in the sharing of a dream that he once had; a bird's eye view of the city with his bike lines streaking through in and out of the buildings. Thus the quite geometric pattern with the injection of neon blue (the biker). Dom's muse was an entrepreneur who created an online business expanding tool which connects people from all over the world in order to support their emerging businesses. She was inspired by the idea of the of the connections and intersections being made and from that came up with the striking geometric pattern.

The winner of this challenge was Dom.

The Bottom 3

The bottom three included (clockwise from left): Alexander PopeJustin LeBlanc, and Kate Pankoke. Alexander's design was slated because of the giant, contrasting, white cross on the front of his dress. Justin's was criticised for being disjointed, and the judges all agreed that the top half of his look was beautiful. Kate's look was deemed over-designed.

Alexander was eliminated. And for the twist of the season Kate was eliminated over Justin!! Whilst I appreciate Justin's design aesthetic, he hasn't performed as well as her throughout the season and she has only made this one slip-up so far.

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