Wednesday, 18 September 2013

TREND SPOT: Camouflage

Christoper Kane F/W '13, Michael Kors F/W'13, 3.1 Phillip Lim F/W '13

Erdem F/W '13



Winter is finally bestowing the wonderful pleasures of grey skies, frosty breaths, daily rain showers and icy winds. As we embrace the chill we should embrace camouflage. Despite being  ill-suited for the white snows of winter, flipping through the October issue of Elle UK I could not help but notice the camouflage trend that featured on many F/W '13 catwalks. One that has undoubtedly been reinveted by designers through using different materials, scales, and even colours.

Whilst I throw on layer upon layer to warm myself up (heating costs money) I will think about choosing pieces from this trend to help myself escape to the warmer lands on the equator, where camouflage is much more handy to be wearing.

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