Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Showing Skin

In preparation for the fashion weeks to come, I have decided to recap on my favourite trends of the 2013 S/S and A/W trends. I have chosen my favourite one, which has provided me plenty of design inspiration and DIY ideas (yes, I know I've spoken about doing these for a while now but I have still yet to settle into accommodation for the year to come and so you'll all have to be patient! I won't have internet access for four days after arriving there so hopefully I'll start to get some DIY done.)

For a while I've noticed the cut-out trend emerging in both the high fashion and high street industries. However from what I have observed on the runway and on the storefront are two completely different takes on the cutout. Whereas high fashion designers display cutouts in graphic patterns to segment and break up the garment, or the body even. High street designs seem to focus on the main effect of showing more skin. Whilst I, myself, do enjoy a cutout back garment as much as another, I find the side-cut outs to have become quite tiresome, and are definitely my least favourite adaptation of this trend.

Some that I love and will continue to love in the winter season to come (as mad as that might sound)!


Valentino F/W '13. Source.

I know I went a bit crazy with this collection, but what's not to love!
Alexander Wang S/S '13. Source

Halo Dress, Shopluxirare. Source.

DIY Sweatshirt with a see-through line, Love Aesthetics. Source.

DIY Floating Denim, Love Aesthetics. Source.

DIY Denim Cut-out shirt. Source.

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