Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Project Runway Season 12 EP9 Recap/Review

This episode the designers were asked to create a look inspired and to be worn by the modern southern woman who would shop at Belk. This was an industry challenge and the winning look would be produced and sold in Belk stores.

The runway was laden with plaid and whilst I think this conforms to the stereotypical wear of the southern woman I have to agree with designer (from the south might I add), Ken, this isn't what I picture someone living in that part of America wanting to wear. However, having said that, Ken's idea of what a woman living in the south might wear was not executed well and ended up landing him in the bottom 3.

The Top 3

The top 3 consisted of looks by (clockwise from left): Alexander PopeBradon McDonald, and Kate Pankoke. Even though Bradon is one of my favourite designers in this competition, I didn't think that his look was the strongest of the top 3, however, I do believe that it would be suitable for a wide range of women whilst still maintaining the unique features and details he included through experimenting with draping and pin tucks. I absolutely love Alexander's look. It is playful and sexy and moved beautifully down the runway. However, this look is much less commercial and will only appeal to a younger demographic. Kate's look was sweet but as much as I like it there is something that is overly familiar about this pattern and silhouette that I didn't appreciate too much.

The winner of the challenge was Bradon.

The Bottom 3

The bottom 3 was made up of looks by (clockwise from left): Dom StreaterJeremy Brandrick, and Ken Laurence. Dom's look was criticised for being too plain, she had held back this challenge after being safe for 4 weeks straight. Jeremy's look was too 'madame'. Ken's look was too 'bridesmaid'.

The bottom 3 were given a second chance after the judges decided that they had not understood the challenge properly. They were challenged to create a whole new look with the help of another designer in an hour to be then presented on the runway.

*The new looks correspond to the designers as mentioned above

I absolutely loved Dom's new look. It was new and fresh, sophisticated yet was still easy. The draping was beautiful and the back absolutely stunning. Both Jeremy and Ken's looks were improvements and the judges were impressed with all three contestants. Ultimately Dom's designs won her the challenge, and so she became the second winner of this week; with her look to be produced by Belk.

Jeremy was eliminated.

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