Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Project Runway Season 12 EP8 Recap/Review

Finally, the dreaded 'Heidi' challenge. The competitors all argue that she is the hardest to please and although her critics are not always as eloquent and succinct as the other judges she is blunt.

This episode involved the designers creating looks to be sold as part of Heidi Klum's collaborative collection with New Balance. The designers had to pair up to compete in an obstacle course, the first team would have the advantage of choosing fabrics (from the fabrics used in Heidi's collection) first, and an extra hour in the workroom.

This episode was a bit confused in terms of the top three and the bottom there because there were very few unanimous opinions.

The Top 3

The three designers with the best looks were (clockwise from left): Alexander PopeHelen Castillo, and Kate Pankoke. The one look that the judges had difficultly agreeing with was that of Alexander. Whilst Heidi raved about his look the other judges were not too impressed. Michael Kors dubbed it sales rack material. I think that Pope deserved to be in the top 3 based on his technical skills demonstrated alone, he had no side seam on his workout pants!! Then there was Kate's look inspired partially by her younger brothers motocross profession (see biking pants). I thought that her use of colour palette and the mish-mash of materials was inspired, as I have said time and time again since the day I started writing Project Runway blogs, she has ceased to surprise me.

The winning look was Helen's. Whilst her muscle tee was thrown together and messy, her jacket outshone the work of the rest. To be completely honest, whilst I do agree with the panel's decision to pick Helen as the winner, what shone about her look to me were the joggers! She flash of neon green underneath the mesh inserts was so striking. They made the look streamlined, powerful, and 'fast'.

The Bottom 3

The bottom 3 consisted of looks by (clockwise from left): Alexandria von BromssenKaren Batts, and Ken Laurence. Poopy pants, sloppy construction, and uninspired. Those three observations sum up the judges issues with the looks created by the bottom 3.

It was Karen who was eliminated from this challenge.

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