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Project Runway Season 12 EP10 Recap/Review

This post is long overdue and I apologise for those who read my blog for the reviews, however I have just finished my first week at university and whilst I only technically had to go in for one day, I was swamped with the assignment and my internship for the rest of the week.

Nevertheless the 10th episode recap/review/whatever you'd like to call it, is here.

This episode called on the designers to do a full makeover, from hair, to makeup, to clothing of Project Runway 'Superfans'. It was the 'hair' challenge and so a specific focus was placed on deciding what changes to make to the 'superfans' hairstyles.

The Top 3

The top 3 looks were designed by (clockwise from left): Bradon McDonaldHelen Castillo, and Justin LeBlanc. I absolutely adored the design that Justin created for his 'superfan'. It flattered his model's figure and the personalised touch on his dress was an extra special addition, which could easily have been tacky, but because of the beautiful execution and creative appliqué technique it was far from it.

Helen's look was well-constructed and as stunning as it is I feel like this design is something that has already been shown by Helen this season. However, it is elegant and her 'superfan' received the most drastic makeover of the episode. Helen was the winning designer of this week.

The Bottom 3

The bottom 3 consisted of looks by (clockwise from left): Alexander PopeAlexandria von Bromssen, and Ken Laurence. Whilst Alexander's look was poorly executed due to time constraints, thus landing him in the bottom, Alexandria didn't design something suited for her 'superfan', she aged her and I believe she became confused as to what is suitable for an interview, she was overwhelmed with this idea and completely forgot about the age of her young 'superfan'. Ken's look was in an awful moss green colour with an awkward neckline and seamline detailing. His 'superfan' was thrilled with the look however the judges were not.

Ken was eliminated this challenge.

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