Monday, 26 August 2013

Project Runway Season 12 EP6 Recap/Review

This challenge the designers were sent on a 'glamping' trip. They spent a day in nature doing all sorts of outdoor activities to return to their 'glamping' tents at night. If camping were to always be set up like this, I would be an outdoor-sy person.

The designers had to take inspiration from something on the trip, it could be anything that inspired them whilst in nature, from the tents, to the river, to the zip-lines, etc. Tim reinforced the fact that this was not to be something that was suited to the natural environment, unless that is you are Nina Garcia and your 'natural' environment is that of an editorial photoshoot.

The Top 3

The top 3 consisted of looks by Alexander PopeAlexandria von Bromssen, and Jeremy Brandrick (from left clockwise). Alexander's look was inspired by the tree silhouettes at midnight and so created this beautifully form-fitting gown. Alexandria wanted to take a huge risk to prove her place after a disappointing last week. She surprised the judges with her twist on a denim jacket and taught Zac Posen how to love the dreaded 'poopy pants'. Finally Jeremy was inspired on the trip to write a love letter to his family and from that he took the inspiration to write his letter on the fabric of his dress, creating this paneled beauty.

The winner of the challenge was Alexandria.

The Bottom 3

The bottom 3 consisted of Justin LeBlancKaren Batts, and Ken Laurence (left clockwise). Ken created a look inspired by the landscape and geology as well as the waves of the river at the campsite. What resulted in this concoction of inspirations was a boring, overworked dress. It is uninspired, and as Posen pointed out, is reminiscent of an injured frog (see colours used).

Justin was inspired by the frothing of the water and decided to experiment with creating his own lace using glue gun material. He took a risk and it didn't pay off, he didn't edit and didn't cut down and resulted in doing too much. He was voted off, however Tim used his one save of the season and rescued Justin from elimination.

I am so glad that Tim decided to use his save in this case. I think the judges made an error in eliminating Justin, whilst he isn't the strongest designer of this season, he is definitely leagues better than Karen. Unfortunately I've taken notice of her design abilities, and whilst I can't even match her work (due to their tight time constraints and my inexperience) I find them to be weak, in construction and design aesthetic.

Take for example, this blue dress (below). It is uninspired and poorly made, the top of the dress isn't fitted properly as she did a low back on the dress. A poor excuse for something that in the very same episode, Bradon created a backless dress that fitted the body beautifully. On the show you can even see that she tried to repair the issue but putting in darts at the bust. Her construction skills are lacking and she made a lazy design in this challenge.

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