Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Project Runway Season 12 EP5 Recap/Review

This episode of Project Runway was yet another drama-filled episode. As much as I still appreciate and enjoy the show, I do now see what people mean when they say that it is just becoming all about the drama over the fashion.

Onto the challenge itself, this week was another unconventional challenge, but this time the twist was that the designers had to work in groups of three. Each team was given a Lexus IS Sedan for the day and could use these to inspire them as well as drive themselves around New York to two (of three) different 'material' shops: a vintage wallpaper store, a DIY and crafts store, and a grocery store.

Furthermore, the top 3 consisted of one team, the winner of the challenge being a member of the team, as did the bottom 3.

The Top Team

The winning team was made up of Karen BattsKate Pankoke, and Jeremy Brandrick (designs follow as such).

The team took inspiration from the car itself and decided to go with the feel of the car they got from the it, that of a modern Great Gatsby. Although I feel that this doesn't translate into all three of the looks, there is a cohesion maintained in this mini-collection by the edgy, sleek, and fast-paced energy that is carried through all three of the looks. They also fulfilled the unconventional challenge well using coconut flakes, black rice and edible glitter (to name a few) as part of their looks.

Of the three my favourite look was Kate's. She has truly taken me by surprise this season, especially after seeing her in her previous season. She is edgier, willing to take more risks, and I feel as if the second opportunity has really inspired her to go out of her boundaries.

The winning look of the challenge was Jeremy's. Although I was not the biggest fan of his dress - particularly the bust area of the dress, in the episode the video footage made it seem poorly made, but perhaps it's different in person - I do think that he deserved to win, he did a complete 180˚ change from his outdated look last week and ended up creating something that carries an edgy energy whilst still looking sophisticated and chic (though the glitter racing stripes borderline cheapen the look).

The Bottom Team

The losing team consisted of Alexandria von BromssenKen Laurence, and Sue Waller (looks follow accordingly).

This team provided all the drama of the episode. As Alexandria said: there was one designer which didn't know how to sew and one you had to walk on eggshells around. Ken Laurence was one of the main factors in the drama, I feel, he had a problem with everything and whilst in the last episode he ranted and scolded Sandro for being disrespectful, I feel in this episode he was disrespectful to both his teammates, in his attitude and the way that he voiced his opinions.

A big part of my first year of education at London College of Fashion involved learning how to work in groups as the tutors rightly said there is no 'I' in the fashion industry. People are always working together as part of teams in the fashion industry and if you don't know how to communicate or work together then what is the point?!

Sue was eliminated as her model walked out of the sewing room in her own clothes (talk about cutting it close). She didn't want to compromise on her perfectionist nature and hand basted (why?) her dress together as opposed to using the much faster industrial machines (which she didn't know how to thread/use properly).

*A side note*

How stunning is this gown created by Bradon McDonald? It is made with window screening/blinds, and wallpaper. He is definitely one of the strongest competitors (in my eyes) and has a good chance of winning, methinks.

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