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Project Runway Season 12 EP4 Recap/Review

On this episode of Project Runway, designers were asked to design a look based on the collection of ties created by Jesse Tyler Ferguson called "Tie the Knot", an organisation which designs luxury ties and whose proceeds go to raising awareness and fighting for equal marriage rights.

The challenge involved using the ties as inspiration, as well as in the garment.

The Top 3

Clockwise from left looks belong to: Bradon McDonaldDom Streater, and Kate Pankoke. I loved all three looks in the top three, however, once again I didn't agree entirely with the decision of the judges. Whilst I appreciate the intricacy and detail of the top that Bradon created I think that Kate's hunting inspired look was much better executed and a lot more elegant. I have to give her some credit, initially I doubted her abilities, thinking that she was conventional girly-girly, but seeing her push herself out of her comfort zone and branch in ready-to-wear was inspiring and illustrated what Tim really means about staying true to yourself but still pushing yourself out of your own boundaries. 

I also absolutely adored Dom's look. I think the multiple panels of her dress created a lot of visual interest, and as a sucker for bold graphics, I think that her look was the most striking of all three. 

The Bottom 3

Clockwise from left: Jeremy BrandrickMiranda Levy, and Sue Waller. It was quite upsetting, actually, the story behind Brandrick's look. An homage to his late grandmother which was not well received by the judges brought an upsetting twist to the runway. Although well-constructed, it was dated; I believe Jeremy's look would have been more successful had he taken inspiration from his grandmother as opposed creating a look that she would have worn in her youth. Levy is turning out to be a one-trick pony and unfortunately I don't think that she will get much further in the competition just riding by on her pencil skirt and crop top combination, sorry.

Finally is Sue's look, I didn't think it was as bad as the judges made it out to be however I do agree with the statement that she looked like she'd walked out of the ocean covered in kelp.

Ultimately it was Sandro(not even in the bottom three)'s disrespectful attitude and temper tantrum (sorry, how old are you?), that got him eliminated and the bottom three safe...for now.


There were so many good looks this episode, here are a couple of the ones that I thought worthy of sharing:

Alexander Pope
Alexandria von Bromssen
All pictures found here

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