Saturday, 3 August 2013

Project Runway Season 12 EP3 Recap/Review

The dreaded team challenge. A second unconventional challenge asked the designers to sell Yoplait yoghurt ice creams and use adjectives used to describe the dessert to define their outfit's aesthetic. A frustrating episode, in that some anti-feminist remarks were made that needed to be brought back to the past *cough* Sandro *cough* ("when a woman listens to a man, it's cool"-not in the way that cool is used my what my mother calls "hip teens" but cool as in that's the way it should be FEMINIST RANT COMING)

But that is besides the point, it is afterall a design show.

The Top 2

From the left the designs belong to Alexandria and Dom, and Kate and Helen.

I loved both looks this episode, particularly the look by Alexandria and Dom. Although I appreciate the intricacy and construction of the cocktail dress by Kate and Helen, I think that the silhouette, whilst interesting I think it to be slightly unflattering as the excentuated kick-out is a bit low (in my humble opinion). As Kelly Osbourne said, the Harajuku girl look is one that is up and coming.

The winning look was that of Kate and Helen.

The Bottom 2

From the left the designs belong to Miranda and Timothy, and Alexander and Justin. Is it me, or is it more than a coincidence that both looks are made with the hideous light blue plastic? To be completely honest, though Timothy was in the bottom 3, 3 weeks in a row, I don't think his look deserved to be voted off. The look that Alexander and Justin was just awful and the simple adjustments that were made by the judges during the critique vastly improved the overdesigned look.

The designer voted off was Timothy.

My favourite

This look by Bradon and Karen is definitely my favourite. It's avant garde and fully embraces the unconventional challenge by responding to it with an unconventional look. One that reminds me of Van Gogh's The Starry Night.

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All project runway looks can be found at The Starry Night can be found at

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