Friday, 2 August 2013

DIY Crazy

I have just seen the most lush DIY since I've started browsing the internet for these easy to do fashion statements. I have long awaited apairandaspare's post on creating a transparent satchel that has featured in many of her ootd's.

Seeing this DIY (found here) is only one of the DIYs that I (ambitiously) plan on doing over the remainder of the summer holiday.

I've noticed that there seems to be a do-it-yourself frenzy of late; more and more sew-it-yourself books are coming out and I think that people are actively taking an interest in DIY fashion. Whether it's upcycling old/thrifted clothing, or creating something from scratch, the world has gone into somewhat of a DIY fashion craze.

The appeal of it being not only the cost of it, but perhaps the desire to be individual that has been coming more and more up to the surface as we emerge from a century of, to be blunt, conventionality. Throughout our history there have always been social exclusions, stereotypically it was the goths and punks that were excluded from the cheerleaders but they, at least, had their own group. Now as a result of I'm not sure what (fear of exclusion, conventionality, homogenisation due to globalisation) it seems that the only two groups that are butting head are the 'geeks' and cheerleaders. It is somewhat bittersweet hearing about the different fashion subcultures during my father's days in university in England. I imagine a world full of different styles and fashion identities that are so hard to come by nowadays. Everyone looks the same.

But I digress, creating your own clothing has become quite a fashionable thing to do and with so many DIY websites out there I can see how it has managed to take off. The simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and personality of DIYs make it something that everyone should try.

Here is a list of my favourite DIY websites/fashion websites with DIY sections, which you should check out if you're interested!

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