Friday, 16 August 2013

Cat Crazy

I recently saw this picture floating on the pages of tumblr and could not resist writing a post about the "Cat Crazy" phase of fashion that we have just passed (or are still in... possibly?)

I was compelled to look up the rest of Givenchy's F/W '11 Collection (found here) and fell in love, this begs the question: How have I only found this now?!

There are several differences between Givenchy's cat motif and that which is/was popular. The main thing being that Givenchy's cat, is not even that really, more of a panther. Even the lines and fabrics of the collection emulate a sleek, stealthy, powerful panther. There is a jungle feel that becomes more prevalent as the collection progresses, which simply enhances the sleek aesthetic whilst injecting a sense of exoticism into the collection.

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From the panthers of Givenchy, we are lead to Choupette Lagerfeld, to psychadelic cat sweaters, to cute cat motifs, it seems as if cats have taken over, and Givenchy almost predicted it!

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