Wednesday, 28 August 2013

THIS WEEK I'M LOVING: Daft Punk in Fashion Media

After their collaboration with Pharrell Williams became a huge hit, the anonymous duo Daft Punk was reborn. This hit brought them into the limelight and with that came a collaboration for the Saint Laurent Music Project. They were also featured in Obsession magazine wearing the designer label.

For images sources see this and this

Whilst this is no new development (these photographs were released much earlier this year), I was inspired by their recent collaborative photoshoot with Mila Jovovich for CR Fashion Book F/W 2013.14. I saw this shoot on one of my favourite fashion websites for keeping up with editorial photoshoots, The Citizens of Fashion.

Their anonymity creates an air of mystery and I absolutely adore that the pictures are black and white. The pictures are sleek, luxurious, and striking (to say the least). It is no wonder that fashion powerhouse YSL collaborated with the duo.

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Monday, 26 August 2013

Project Runway Season 12 EP6 Recap/Review

This challenge the designers were sent on a 'glamping' trip. They spent a day in nature doing all sorts of outdoor activities to return to their 'glamping' tents at night. If camping were to always be set up like this, I would be an outdoor-sy person.

The designers had to take inspiration from something on the trip, it could be anything that inspired them whilst in nature, from the tents, to the river, to the zip-lines, etc. Tim reinforced the fact that this was not to be something that was suited to the natural environment, unless that is you are Nina Garcia and your 'natural' environment is that of an editorial photoshoot.

The Top 3

The top 3 consisted of looks by Alexander PopeAlexandria von Bromssen, and Jeremy Brandrick (from left clockwise). Alexander's look was inspired by the tree silhouettes at midnight and so created this beautifully form-fitting gown. Alexandria wanted to take a huge risk to prove her place after a disappointing last week. She surprised the judges with her twist on a denim jacket and taught Zac Posen how to love the dreaded 'poopy pants'. Finally Jeremy was inspired on the trip to write a love letter to his family and from that he took the inspiration to write his letter on the fabric of his dress, creating this paneled beauty.

The winner of the challenge was Alexandria.

The Bottom 3

The bottom 3 consisted of Justin LeBlancKaren Batts, and Ken Laurence (left clockwise). Ken created a look inspired by the landscape and geology as well as the waves of the river at the campsite. What resulted in this concoction of inspirations was a boring, overworked dress. It is uninspired, and as Posen pointed out, is reminiscent of an injured frog (see colours used).

Justin was inspired by the frothing of the water and decided to experiment with creating his own lace using glue gun material. He took a risk and it didn't pay off, he didn't edit and didn't cut down and resulted in doing too much. He was voted off, however Tim used his one save of the season and rescued Justin from elimination.

I am so glad that Tim decided to use his save in this case. I think the judges made an error in eliminating Justin, whilst he isn't the strongest designer of this season, he is definitely leagues better than Karen. Unfortunately I've taken notice of her design abilities, and whilst I can't even match her work (due to their tight time constraints and my inexperience) I find them to be weak, in construction and design aesthetic.

Take for example, this blue dress (below). It is uninspired and poorly made, the top of the dress isn't fitted properly as she did a low back on the dress. A poor excuse for something that in the very same episode, Bradon created a backless dress that fitted the body beautifully. On the show you can even see that she tried to repair the issue but putting in darts at the bust. Her construction skills are lacking and she made a lazy design in this challenge.

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Saturday, 24 August 2013

STREET STYLE: Going to the Races

So today, I had the pleasure of going to a McFLY concert with my sister and mother. To my surprise I managed to find some style inspiration.
*I should explain that the concert took place at Newmarket Racecourse.

I worked up the courage to go and ask her if she would mind me taking her photograph and putting it on my blog. She was lovely and very kind about it, so I am able to now share with you her edgy and unique style!

She reminded me of the eccentric shop assistants that you find in vintage stores along Brick Lane. I love how her candy pink hair complements, whilst contrasts with the royal blue of her ensemble. I would love for gem colours to become big again– we need some colour for a undoubtedly grey winter.

I've been trying for a while to work up the courage to ask for pictures for a street style post, as well as finding good 'street style', and I am delighted to have made such a great discovery to start off this new street style segment!

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Friday, 23 August 2013

Defining Style: Is This Kid Better Dressed Than You Are?

I can't remember where I can across this article but I believe it might have been through the wonderful website StumbleUpon (the miracle source of endless procrastination)

According to the article, five-year-old Alonso Mateo has taken the internet by storm. Son of freelance stylist Luisa Fernanda Espinosa, Alonso has become somewhat of a style sensation with thousands of 'likes' and views on Instagram and Facebook everyday. I can definitely see why. It is hard to define style and describe what it means to have it, but if you were able to use photographs in pictionary these are what I would use.

They are a visually overwhelming combination of 'oh my god look at this boy! how can he have so much style at such a young age' to 'oh my god how adorable is this kid?!' Whilst his mother is a freelance stylist, she says that most of his clothing decisions are his own. I would definitely say that this style prodigy could be/is the inspiration and source of envy for many (who are unsure of their own styles).

Paired with Alexander Wang's niece, Alia Wang, you have the two very young style icons...(?) kids who are better dressed than countless 'grown-ups'. Since when was it okay for five and three-year-olds to be better dressed than me....?

All images of Alonso were found here. All images of Alia Wang are easily found on Google Images.

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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Cat Crazy Update!

I could not possibly find the words to describe the excitement and eagerness to write this post that I had whilst already super hyped up at the Beyonce performance at the V-Festival at Hylands Park (which I attended this past weekend). Bey was absolutely stunning in all of her costumes but one struck me the most. Literally one day after I posted about the 'Cat Crazy' fad that we are/have been experiencing, Beyonce graces the stage in a catwoman-esque outfit that she wore as her second outfit change.

These are some of my own pictures but they are absolutely rubbish quality (sorry), but you can find better quality ones and of her other outfits here.

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

(mis)Matching Textures

This is only my second outfit of the day, but to be honest I have been feeling rather uninspired of late when it comes to my day-to-day wear. It's so much easier to just throw something on and to be frank I've been practically living out of my Topshop Joni Jeans. I wanted to show you guys (if there's anyone reading this...) something more interesting.

Black camisole: Primark
Pewter Disco Pants: Primark
Printed Kimono Blazer: Primark
Shoes: New Look
Bag: Zara
Necklace: Gift from Isabel

Inspired by a huge Primark haul, I've put together this almost monochromatic outfit for a day out in Norwich!

I quite enjoyed playing with all the different textures from the different fabrics used in my garments.

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p.s. don't hate me for indulging in fast fashion and trends :/

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Project Runway Season 12 EP5 Recap/Review

This episode of Project Runway was yet another drama-filled episode. As much as I still appreciate and enjoy the show, I do now see what people mean when they say that it is just becoming all about the drama over the fashion.

Onto the challenge itself, this week was another unconventional challenge, but this time the twist was that the designers had to work in groups of three. Each team was given a Lexus IS Sedan for the day and could use these to inspire them as well as drive themselves around New York to two (of three) different 'material' shops: a vintage wallpaper store, a DIY and crafts store, and a grocery store.

Furthermore, the top 3 consisted of one team, the winner of the challenge being a member of the team, as did the bottom 3.

The Top Team

The winning team was made up of Karen BattsKate Pankoke, and Jeremy Brandrick (designs follow as such).

The team took inspiration from the car itself and decided to go with the feel of the car they got from the it, that of a modern Great Gatsby. Although I feel that this doesn't translate into all three of the looks, there is a cohesion maintained in this mini-collection by the edgy, sleek, and fast-paced energy that is carried through all three of the looks. They also fulfilled the unconventional challenge well using coconut flakes, black rice and edible glitter (to name a few) as part of their looks.

Of the three my favourite look was Kate's. She has truly taken me by surprise this season, especially after seeing her in her previous season. She is edgier, willing to take more risks, and I feel as if the second opportunity has really inspired her to go out of her boundaries.

The winning look of the challenge was Jeremy's. Although I was not the biggest fan of his dress - particularly the bust area of the dress, in the episode the video footage made it seem poorly made, but perhaps it's different in person - I do think that he deserved to win, he did a complete 180˚ change from his outdated look last week and ended up creating something that carries an edgy energy whilst still looking sophisticated and chic (though the glitter racing stripes borderline cheapen the look).

The Bottom Team

The losing team consisted of Alexandria von BromssenKen Laurence, and Sue Waller (looks follow accordingly).

This team provided all the drama of the episode. As Alexandria said: there was one designer which didn't know how to sew and one you had to walk on eggshells around. Ken Laurence was one of the main factors in the drama, I feel, he had a problem with everything and whilst in the last episode he ranted and scolded Sandro for being disrespectful, I feel in this episode he was disrespectful to both his teammates, in his attitude and the way that he voiced his opinions.

A big part of my first year of education at London College of Fashion involved learning how to work in groups as the tutors rightly said there is no 'I' in the fashion industry. People are always working together as part of teams in the fashion industry and if you don't know how to communicate or work together then what is the point?!

Sue was eliminated as her model walked out of the sewing room in her own clothes (talk about cutting it close). She didn't want to compromise on her perfectionist nature and hand basted (why?) her dress together as opposed to using the much faster industrial machines (which she didn't know how to thread/use properly).

*A side note*

How stunning is this gown created by Bradon McDonald? It is made with window screening/blinds, and wallpaper. He is definitely one of the strongest competitors (in my eyes) and has a good chance of winning, methinks.

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p.s. All images were found here

Friday, 16 August 2013

Cat Crazy

I recently saw this picture floating on the pages of tumblr and could not resist writing a post about the "Cat Crazy" phase of fashion that we have just passed (or are still in... possibly?)

I was compelled to look up the rest of Givenchy's F/W '11 Collection (found here) and fell in love, this begs the question: How have I only found this now?!

There are several differences between Givenchy's cat motif and that which is/was popular. The main thing being that Givenchy's cat, is not even that really, more of a panther. Even the lines and fabrics of the collection emulate a sleek, stealthy, powerful panther. There is a jungle feel that becomes more prevalent as the collection progresses, which simply enhances the sleek aesthetic whilst injecting a sense of exoticism into the collection.

All images found on
From the panthers of Givenchy, we are lead to Choupette Lagerfeld, to psychadelic cat sweaters, to cute cat motifs, it seems as if cats have taken over, and Givenchy almost predicted it!

All links are below.

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Thursday, 15 August 2013

New Designer Discovery: Cushnie et Ochs

Although I've only just recently posted about my supposed "unrivaled" love for Dion Lee, it seems that I have already found a second love...what can I say, my desire for beautiful clothing can not be satiated with only one designer!

Seeing a picture of Lily Collins at the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Premier in a Cushnie et Ochs dress. I was taken aback not only by the beautiful styling of Ms. Collins (dark romance to the max), but the dress inspired me to look further into the designer, only to discover the stunning collections by the designer duo- Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs (see voguepedia)

Image source: here
Below are three of my favourite (albeit more recent) collections from the designers.

F/W '13

Resort 2013

Resort 2014
There is something so aesthetically pleasing about the clean-cut, simple, design which juxtaposes the hard and the soft, the masculine and the feminine. Cushnie and Och play with the boundaries and androgyny and femininity and that is what is so stunning. One of my fashion design tutors once told me that to do the create something that is so seemingly is simple is deceptively easy, and so I've found that the minimalist and clean aesthetic is one of my favourites!

Even the colour palette is ├╝ber chic, and often plays with the boundaries of what can be defined as a monochromatic scale. I love the statement colours that stand out amongst the different textures of blacks, whites and creams. 

Overall, I have fallen in love with these designs and have found yet another source of inspiration, once to hopefully provide a stepping stone towards me finding my own style; I will definitely be watching Cushnie et Ochs in seasons to come.

All images can be found on

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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

THIS WEEK I'M LOVING: Movement in Art

Left column: Nude by Shinchi Maruyama
Centre column: Choros by Michael Langan and Terah Maher
Right column: Unknown Title by JL Design and KORB

I was thinking of starting a new segment, maybe a weekly one, entitled "This week I'm loving:". This will be where I share art/fashion/movies/costumes and other generally interesting things, and although every post that I write is generally a commentary along these lines, these will be more focused more like a mood board but in the form of a blog post! *thus she continues to ramble herself into an early bloggers grave*

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Monday, 12 August 2013

Project Runway Season 12 EP4 Recap/Review

On this episode of Project Runway, designers were asked to design a look based on the collection of ties created by Jesse Tyler Ferguson called "Tie the Knot", an organisation which designs luxury ties and whose proceeds go to raising awareness and fighting for equal marriage rights.

The challenge involved using the ties as inspiration, as well as in the garment.

The Top 3

Clockwise from left looks belong to: Bradon McDonaldDom Streater, and Kate Pankoke. I loved all three looks in the top three, however, once again I didn't agree entirely with the decision of the judges. Whilst I appreciate the intricacy and detail of the top that Bradon created I think that Kate's hunting inspired look was much better executed and a lot more elegant. I have to give her some credit, initially I doubted her abilities, thinking that she was conventional girly-girly, but seeing her push herself out of her comfort zone and branch in ready-to-wear was inspiring and illustrated what Tim really means about staying true to yourself but still pushing yourself out of your own boundaries. 

I also absolutely adored Dom's look. I think the multiple panels of her dress created a lot of visual interest, and as a sucker for bold graphics, I think that her look was the most striking of all three. 

The Bottom 3

Clockwise from left: Jeremy BrandrickMiranda Levy, and Sue Waller. It was quite upsetting, actually, the story behind Brandrick's look. An homage to his late grandmother which was not well received by the judges brought an upsetting twist to the runway. Although well-constructed, it was dated; I believe Jeremy's look would have been more successful had he taken inspiration from his grandmother as opposed creating a look that she would have worn in her youth. Levy is turning out to be a one-trick pony and unfortunately I don't think that she will get much further in the competition just riding by on her pencil skirt and crop top combination, sorry.

Finally is Sue's look, I didn't think it was as bad as the judges made it out to be however I do agree with the statement that she looked like she'd walked out of the ocean covered in kelp.

Ultimately it was Sandro(not even in the bottom three)'s disrespectful attitude and temper tantrum (sorry, how old are you?), that got him eliminated and the bottom three safe...for now.


There were so many good looks this episode, here are a couple of the ones that I thought worthy of sharing:

Alexander Pope
Alexandria von Bromssen
All pictures found here

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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Stylishness vs. Being in Style

I was having a discussion with my flatmate last year, we talked about how to make decisions when buying clothing or shoes. We questioned the difference between being stylish and in style and ultimately came to the conclusion that, contrary to popular belief, the key is to aim to be stylish as opposed to aiming to be in style.

A fundamentally confusing debate with a focus on lexis, I think that being stylish involves having a style identity whilst still being perceived in a positive manner. For instance, if I were to dress completely head to toe in tiger printed lycra, I would have a style identity (per se) but I wouldn't be stylish. Whereas being in style means conforming to the trends and conventional fashion as it comes and goes, what is known as fast fashion covers this area greatly. Although this explanation is waffly and confusing it is the best that I can do to sum up the distinguishing factors between the two aspects. (Sorry I've never been too good with words).

Truthfully though, it is all subjective.

I am sad to say that a lot of street style has become quite conventional, in that gone are the days of the great differences in style in subcultures ranging from teddy boys, to goths, to rockabilly, etc, etc. Although you will find a few areas where the street style and subcultures are still prominent, such as the Harajuku girls of Japan. Many designers and fashionistas take elements of the subcultures and incorporate them into fashion nowadays (see teddy boys creepers), but in a much less concentrated way -see Dame Vivienne Westwood for one of the more true-to-form examples of punk influence. (In my opinion) these people therefore become 'stylish'. 

But what has become of the beloved pioneers of fashion is a diaspora of their distinctive styles.

Source: here

Unless stated otherwise,
all pictures were found through

It makes me sad that people aren't more adventurous with fashion, but I am also a victim of this wave of conventionality (fear of being too individual, though there really should be no such thing). Unfortunately, the way that people (generally) perceive the world is with the view that although we wish to be different, we long to be accepted and that means to be the same. 

I think we should all take a page out of the books of these fashion icons, and learn to be more accepting of all styles and fashions, because individuality should be valued over conventionality. Let's start an identity revolution; be who you want to be, because at the end of the day, who the fuck really cares?

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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Project Runway Season 12 EP3 Recap/Review

The dreaded team challenge. A second unconventional challenge asked the designers to sell Yoplait yoghurt ice creams and use adjectives used to describe the dessert to define their outfit's aesthetic. A frustrating episode, in that some anti-feminist remarks were made that needed to be brought back to the past *cough* Sandro *cough* ("when a woman listens to a man, it's cool"-not in the way that cool is used my what my mother calls "hip teens" but cool as in that's the way it should be FEMINIST RANT COMING)

But that is besides the point, it is afterall a design show.

The Top 2

From the left the designs belong to Alexandria and Dom, and Kate and Helen.

I loved both looks this episode, particularly the look by Alexandria and Dom. Although I appreciate the intricacy and construction of the cocktail dress by Kate and Helen, I think that the silhouette, whilst interesting I think it to be slightly unflattering as the excentuated kick-out is a bit low (in my humble opinion). As Kelly Osbourne said, the Harajuku girl look is one that is up and coming.

The winning look was that of Kate and Helen.

The Bottom 2

From the left the designs belong to Miranda and Timothy, and Alexander and Justin. Is it me, or is it more than a coincidence that both looks are made with the hideous light blue plastic? To be completely honest, though Timothy was in the bottom 3, 3 weeks in a row, I don't think his look deserved to be voted off. The look that Alexander and Justin was just awful and the simple adjustments that were made by the judges during the critique vastly improved the overdesigned look.

The designer voted off was Timothy.

My favourite

This look by Bradon and Karen is definitely my favourite. It's avant garde and fully embraces the unconventional challenge by responding to it with an unconventional look. One that reminds me of Van Gogh's The Starry Night.

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All project runway looks can be found at The Starry Night can be found at