Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Jena.Theo Pre-Collection S/S '14

Social media can be construed as being a basic and juvenile way to keep up with friends and their ramblings (what I like to call a *cough*acebookfay*cough* status); however, for me it has become an easily accessible avenue to reliable information and updates from fashion businesses and designers such as MyFDB and London Fashion Week

I admit to being a *cough*acebookfay*cough* addict, it's not that I'm on it 24/7, but perhaps it's on in the background 24/7. Nevertheless as a result of this aforementioned addiction to the social media outlet, I have been able to keep up with numerous databases, fashion weeks and designers; thus building on my knowledge of the fashion industry.

On the London Fashion Week Page, there have been regular updates on the Pre-Collections for S/S '14. One of my favourites so far has to be the collection of design duo Jenny Holmes and Dimitris Theocharidis, Jena.Theo.

What I loved about this preview was the quirkly and edgy styling, and bold colour palette. All of the garments have a retro feel which has been coupled with modern takes on 90s-esque styling. One of my favourite looks has to be the designers' take on the letterman/motorcycle/bomber jacket. This smart combination of the three iconic jackets results in a striking, geometric and unique piece that is full of personality.

If this pre-collection is just a small, select glimpse of what is to come for S/S '14, I cannot wait to see what the winners of the 2009 Fashion Fringe will have to offer for the season.

Definitely one to watch.

All images from London Fashion Week Facebook Page

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