Monday, 29 July 2013


It seems as if I am truly a lover of maths and geometrics (even though it was torturous going through it in secondary school), I can't seem to step away from it and the more I do research into art and design, the more I find myself drawn to this area of inspiration.

When browsing one of my favourite art websites This Is Colossal I came across this selection of lightscapes by Tao Tajima. I became hynotised by the ever evolving geometric patterns, particularly enjoying the fact that no soft shapes (circles, ovals, anything without a sharp edge) are used. The seemingly simple nature of this project is intriguing, particularly after discovering in an interest in the deceptively simple and how difficult that is to achieve.

Source: thisiscolossal
Another artwork that has confirmed my, albeit geeky, fascination with geometrics is these 3D printed objects by The Sugar Lab- the creation of Kyle and Liz von Hasseln. The shapes and silhouettes created by the repeated patterns and beautiful sugar sculptures are awe-striking and can provide useful inspiration for shapes and cuts created using fabric, on the dress form.

Source: thisiscolossal
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