Thursday, 25 July 2013

Confessions of an Online Shopping Addict

I am a self-diagnosed addict of online shopping. Hand me a debit card and show me to a computer and you can be sure that I will gladly easily burn a whole through your pocket.

Although there are many pitfalls to this condition, one of the silver linings is the discovery of ones own style and taste, along with the discovery of independent brands and companies. Whilst talking to the ever-fabulous Acee, I was introduced to SVPPLY. From which I browsed and selected for a good hour and a half my favourite things *cue Mary Poppins song*. As an addict of online shopping, one learns that it is easy to accumulate 124893058904 tabs of items and goods; so using the expertise gained from many (window*) online shopping trips, I started to narrow down my likes.
*What I like to call window online shopping is opening and saving tabs of things that I want but cannot afford to buy!

This brought me to come accross the British brand AND·ALSO CLOTHING, which to my delight I found that I absolutely adore. A UK-based clothing company that sells handmade clothing with a focus on fabric manipulation techniques that is simple yet full of personality and, for lack of a better term, swag (don't shoot me), their clothes scream style.
----My favourite piece being a contrast collared shirt which is stunning, and I feel will be one of those pieces that I can't resist. Among my favourites are their logo beanies. I love that despite each beanie being a different and unique combination of colour and logo background, it still seems to fit with the brands clearcut aesthetic.

All images can be found at

Be sure to check them out if you are full of 'yoloswag' (again, don't shoot me) and see for yourselves why it is exactly that I like them!

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(>'.'<)  x

p.s. On a side-note, this is what I aspire to have, a small boutique brand which showcases my personality and taste (though this is still to be discovered in terms of design aesthetic- I'm young and still (relatively) uneducated in all things fashion and style).

p.p.s. These always seem to hang when I've finished the post and I never really know how to conclude the post, but I tried harder this post and will find a way of concluding them so they don't just finish.

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