Thursday, 25 July 2013

BONUS POST: Dion Lee II: Mason Mulholland Collaboration

Once again social media prevails! This time it was not one, but two social media sites that brought my attention to the preview of the collaboration collection between Australian Designer Dion Lee and collage artist Mason Mulholland. I could not be more grateful for the discovery!

The initial pieces that caught my eye were the collages posted here, and then later through a link posted on Mulholland's tumblr page.

I'm not entirely sure what it is exactly that drew me to these creative artworks; I think it's the careful consideration of the positioning and placement of body parts that may not be anatomically correct but suggest movement and body positioning in a new and unique manner. To add to my delight, pictures were then shared of the collaboration collection, which is just as striking.

The suggestion of movement through the use of the collaged patterns and textures on the garments is what captures me the most; as well as the seemingly mish-mash, random colour palette which is extremely eye-catching, especially matched with the deep and rich colours that they are paired with.

Though this is only a preview of the collaboration it has me excited and eager to see what it to come for the season! To add to my already great interest in the collection, Mulholland even collaged images of the models wearing the clothing of the designers!! What more could a fashionista and art-lover ask for?!

Pictures were found here

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p.s. Seeing this preview has inspired me to research both Dion Lee and Mason Mulholland further and posts on the two will follow shortly!

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