Friday, 26 July 2013

Androgynous Beings

Androgynous is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as partly male and partly female in appearance; of indeterminate sex.

Androgyny has always been on my radar as often it is a focus, be it great or small, in fashion magazines and websites. Let's face it, we as the human race are (subconsciously) fascinated with features and styles that are not gender specific. More and more I find myself drawn to this style of clothing, as it is branching out from the blazer and lazy jeans combination that helped to define this trend at the start. Now as menswear is becoming more and more bold, see J.W. Anderson's F/W 2013 collection, the scope for androgyny is beginning to be greater.

Markus Lupfer Pre-Collection S/S '14

Lupfer's pre-collection illustrates exactly what I mean when I say that the conventions for what can be considered androgynous have changed. Although the image in the top-left illustrates more traditional definitions of androgyny, the other two play with the newer form. Both models are wearing skirts, something that is not traditionally masculine, yet there is something about the simple combination of the clearcut shirt and sweaters that when combined with the feminine garment transforms it to become quite masculine. Maybe it's something to do with the edgy and sharp cuts of the skirts, or the fact that these women look strong, independent, powerful.

Matthew Williamson Pre-Collection S/S '14

Another example of this new-wave (if you will) form of androgyny is the pre-collection by Matthew Williamson. This collection exhibits a more feminine take on androgyny; whereas Lupfer transforms the feminine into the masculine, Williamson transforms the masculine into the feminine. Traditionally associated as being a man's jacket, this take on the suit-style blazer jacket suggests androgyny. Paired with the light and sheer blouse and fitted pants Williamson shows a softer brand of androgyny, one that is more feminine and (in my humble opinion) less conventionally androgynous.
I find that a lot of designs that celebrate androgyny tend to focus on making feminine things more masculine

Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Pre-collection S/S '14

Finally is the pre-collection of Preen by Thornton Bregazzi. I absolutely love the preview of the street style, sportswear collection! One that contrasts feminine aspects such as the floral prints, bright pink colour, and skirts and dresses with masculine allusions to street style and sportswear. I am so taken with this collection that I am stuck for words and alas this post must come to an end (still not ace at ending these but again I will learn!)

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